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From the passion for fashion

Join the elite group of talented fashion designers! Present your collection to shops and boutiques around the Poland, Germany, Austria, Croatia and Italy in our sales catalogue of Fashion Designers Union.


The idea of creation of the Fashion Designers Union project developed during the observation of very talented fashion designers. Their collections consist of unique clothing designs created with passion. Unfortunately, many beginning fashion designers, do not have the possibility to come into existence on the global world. It’s precisely why we created Fashion Designers Union- from the passion for fashion to appreciate the new fashion designers’ hard work. Do what you love and we will take care of the rest!


The Fashion Designers Union project was created in view of beginner fashion designers and producers, who create unique clothing collections, but do not the opportunity to present them on the market. If you are a designer and you produce limited collections of clothing – you are in a right place! Send us your projects and we will take care of the rest. We guarantee a professional substantive help, production of clothes, extraordinary photo sessions, retail and wholesale. We accept individual orders and we conduct wholesale in any amount.


Are you the owner of a shop, wholesaler or boutique and your are looking for unique and  limited clothing collections? Browse the Fashion Designers’ Association sales catalogue and start collaborating with us! We have a base of talented, beginner fashion designers who create top quality products. We accept individual orders and we conduct wholesale in any quantity.

Limited clothing collections

In sales catalogue of Fashion Designers Union you will find exclusively limited collections of clothing which mostly aren’t available in regular sale. The designs are created with passion for fashion and produced with the top-quality materials.

Talented fashion designers

The base of Fashion Designers Union consists of many talented fashion designers and fashion producers. Each of them has a different approach to creating fashion. Thanks to it our collections of clothes are varied and present various styles and tastes.


All of our clothing designs are passed to sales catalogues of Fashion Designers Union, which then are passed to channels of distribution. Thanks to it we conduct retail and wholesale in any amount.

Sell your clothing designs!

The Fashion Designs Union project was created with passion to fashion and the willingness to support the activities of talented, beginner fashion designers and clothing producers. Our aim is to create a place where fresh ideas, designs and collections will be presented in a professional way and will pass to a global market. Deliver you your sketches and join to our designers base for free.


Send your clothing designs to:


On the basis of the applications, we will select the designs.

Photo session

The designs selected by us will participate in a professional photo session and will pass on to our sales catalogue.

Our fashion designers

  • Maja Kotala

    When we noticed that fashion could help, we knew that the Sewing Together collections designed by Maja Kotala would be really exceptional.

  • Natalia Cheng

    The new designer of Fashion Designers Union is Natalia Cheng who has always been involved in art and various forms of its message. She graduated from MSKPU and started her journey with designing form drawing, painting and sculpturing.

  • Magda Żurawińska

    Magda Żurawińska is the owner of an amazing fashion brand Par de moi, which was created for independent and self-confident women who appreciate unique designs.


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