Offer for shops

Are you the owner of a shop, warehouse or boutique and you are looking for unique and limited collections of clothes? You are in a right place! Send us a request for the full Fashion Designers Union sales catalogue, where you will find the prices of individual products and start working with us! We have a base of talented, beginner and famous fashion designers who create products of great quality, most of them aren’t available for regular sale. We only accept wholesale orders. In the interest of our wholesalers, the catalog with prices is not publicly available. You will receive the product catalogue with prices by completing the contact form.

What distinguishes Fashion Designers Union’s collections of clothes?


Thanks to the collaboration of Fashion Designers Union with producers. sewing rooms and sewers, we are able to quickly carry out the orders.

Talented Designers and Fashion Producers

Fashion Designers Union is a project that focuses around young designers and fashion producers who have fresh and extraordinary approach to creating their collections.

Limited Clothing Collections

The biggest advantage of Fashion Designers Union’s offer is its limited character. The clothes form our collections mostly aren’t available in regular sales. Each of the designers and producers create under their own name, last name, logo.

The best quality in an approachable price

The clothes form Fashion Designers Union collections are prepared by unique designers and fashion producers. The collections are sewed in Poland from the top quality materials.

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