Maja kotala

This collection has a special meaning for us because the proceeds from the sale will go to support  Maja Kotala’s  „sewing together“ project, which is carried out in Kenya and helps the women to gain independence through learning how to sew, design and the basics of  business . The collection „sleep with me“ was designed and sewed precisely by  these brave women. They sew and dye pyjamas, dressing gowns and scarves manually. That’s why each product is different, not perfect, carrying a story with itself. These incredible products form the limited collection which was created uniquely for Fashion Designers Union. The pyjamas and dressing gowns from the pure cotton, woollen and hand-woven scarves are a great idea for complementing the offer for Christmas.

KIKOI Dressing gown

Composition: 100 % cotton, hand-woven in Kenya

Sizes: XS/S | M/L  Kids: XS/S | M/L


Composition: 100% Cotton, hand-whitewashed

Sizes: XS/S | M/L | XL/XXL (in the photo M/L –  oversize style)

KIKOI Scarves

Composition: 100% Wool

Sizes: ONE SIZE – 100 × 170 cm


Composition: Wool, Cotton, Polyester

Sizes: SMALL – 50 × 200 cm | BIG – 150 × 200 cm


Composition: 100% Wool

Sizes: SMALL – 50 × 200 cm | BIG – 150 × 200 cm